The latest going on in the market shows things seeming to go in opposite directions at the same time. Numbers of homes sold in April have increased by almost 50% over March, while rising less than 1% from a year ago.Median price, however, has decreased in both categories!
WHAT does this mean? Long experience indicates that this proves the market is still healthy, BUT that certain tenets must be observed, regardless whether a Buyer or Seller you may be.
Homes properly priced and ‘done’ are still selling, not infrequently with multiple offers and over asking price. Folks out there still want as much as they can get for their Dollar.
Just in the past month and change, we personally have had one listing receive five offers and close nearly $100,000 over asking. Another listing was out the door in almost no time. Both were priced appropriately and presented as well as any could be, including good staging.
If you’re selling, you could achieve similar results. For buyers, the approach must take into account the condition of the home, balanced by current comps for similar homes in the area. Based upon this type of info, your agent can guide you as to an approach to make if you want to make an offer.
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