As we move into Spring, it’s time once again to use the milder weather, especially when we have a rain break, to undertake repair or remodel projects.  No matter if the issue is delayed repairs, upgrading your landscaping or getting that long discussed remodel underway, this is the perfect time to get moving!  Not only can t solve a long outstanding issue, but it will increase your overall value.  Landscaping upgrades not only increase your home’s value.  They also add to its ‘curb appeal’–the first image your home projects that says to everyone seeing it, check this out!  It’s a wonderful home!

What you first need to do is decide which project you wish to do.  Then assemble a budget, arrange any necessary finance and decide on a contractor.  Make sure he/she is fully licensed and bonded as a protection to you lest something not go entirely well.  If you don’t know the appropriate contractor, give us a call.  We maintain a full list of every type that you could possibly use.  We have worked with many of them or have had them referred to us by satisfied homeowners whom we’ve known for years.

Remember, the numbers are: Peter: (415) 279-6466; Jane: (415) 531-4091.  You’ll be glad you did!