It’s not new, but recent wildfires in the North Bay have once again emphasized the imperative need to maintain a brush free ‘safety area’ around your home. Frequently, when a fire breaks out in the area, homes that have the latest in everything, including sprinklers and fire retardant shingles, are incinerated just as rapidly as those not so equipped.
Avoiding this tragedy can be as easy as mowing the lawn. The theory is that by denying sparks or the leading edge of a wildfire the fuel necessary to feed and propel the fire forward a homeowner can stop the fire dead in its tracks. At a minimum, doing so can slow the blaze enough to allow a homeowner or firefighters the room and time to turn the flames away from a home.
Some cities, realizing the wisdom of having a clear defensible area around a dwelling, have municipal ordinances that mandate clearing such brush before a blaze can gain a foothold. These ordinances have come about based on sometimes lengthy experience with wildfires and the devastation and loss of life that said wildfires can cause.
You too should grab the proverbial bull by the horns and investigate having said trim/clear of the shubbery undertaken. If you have any questions, contact a person who specializes in creating and maintaining such a safe area.
We can refer you to yard specialists who are experienced in such safety measures. For a referral, give us a call. We’d be pleased to help you preserve your property. REMEMBER: the numbers are: Peter: (415) 279-6466; Jane: (425) 531-4091
Have a happy summer and MAKE IT SAFE!!