One important thing when buying  home is how your neighbors are–are they friendly, helpful, welcoming to the area or NOT?  Recent surveys indicate that often the answer is positive. Curious?  Read on.

Here is some promising news for anyone who is planning a move: There’s a better-than-average change that you’ll like your new neighbors.’s 2018 Good Neighbors Report found that 77 percent of Americans think that they have good neighbors, compared with just 7 percent who believe the opposite. Males are more likely (82 percent) to say they like their neighbors than females (72 percent), and those age 55 and older have slightly better neighborly relations than other generations.

What makes a good neighbor? The No. 1 attribute is trust, cited by 59 percent of respondents and the top good-neighbor quality across both genders and all age groups. Trustworthy neighbors are followed by those who are quiet (50 percent), friendly (46 percent), and respectful (43 percent). By comparison, building a friendship with neighbors is the least important factor (14 percent).

Anyone who strives to be the best neighbor possible should respect their fellow residents’ privacy, as nosiness is the top neighbor annoyance according to a survey conducted by Porch earlier this year. That poll also underscored the importance of minimizing household noise, which comes in as the No. 2 gripe that Americans have with their neighbors.

So, there you have it–another good reason to buy a home where you want to live.  Need help in that activity? Call us! We’ve got over 50 years’ combined experience to put to your advantage. The numbers: Peter: )415) 279-6466; Jane: (415) 531-4091. We’d love to help you!

On another item: I know it’s a week away, but Happy Thanksgiving!